Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The 80's

List of the Day has a list of the top 80's teen sex comedies. There's a bunch of people saying "I can't believe Porky's isn't on it." Porky's played a big role in my experience of the 80's.

I grew up without a TV, so there's lots of movies that everybody my age has seen but I haven't. I still haven't seen a whole Godzilla movie. My parents were very liberal and didn't care about kids seeing boobies, but they cared very much about kids seeing something stupid and their time being wasted going to a movie that was lame. So, I went through the 80's never having seen Porky's. I listened to the stories other kids told about it in the cafeteria hanging on every word. I wonder how to even explain to someone who's 20 now what it was like to turn 17 and be able to rent R movies back in pre-internet times. I think I actually started renting them much earlier than that. I don't think anybody really checked. Ever since that day when I realized that I could rent R flicks, sometime in the late 80's or something, I had a plan to finally rent Porky's and just get that out of my system. But I never got around to it. I was too busy with the Italian nude satan movies (This is the one the Duvall video factory had. And then I got into art films (mistake). And then I re-discovered the Japanese cartoons of my youth. I never found the time for Porky's. Now I think my dad was probably right about it being retarded and not worth anyone's time, and I've gotten so much pickier about what I watch with shows like Weeds, or The Wire out there. I don't know if I'll ever get to it.

The other fucked-up thing is that I've never seen any of the flicks on this list. Some of them may be legitimately good.

The problem with having List of the Day in my Google reader is that it's a high volume blog, that means I skim past a lot of the posts, but then I see something like this Tab commercial from back in the day and wish I had read all of them.

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