Saturday, February 7, 2009

The most hilarious family in America

I have shit I need to be doing, and really don't have time to be posting this, but it's too good not to share.

Some Brit came over here and filmed a documentary on the Westboro Baptist Church. I thought Jesus Camp was pretty funny, but it only had a few moments that really made me laugh out loud. My favorite was when some lefty radio guy tells the youth pastor that she's going to hell for indoctrinating kids with republicanism. And there were a few other worthwhile moments. But Jesus Camp has exactly shit on this one. The Westboro congregation is non-stop comedy gold. I really shouldn't be watching this, but I can't stop. It's too good. The whole hour-long documentary is there online. Below, I've transcribed the scene that made me realize that there was just no way I could stop watching and that I would be longing for more when it reached the end:

Reporter (R): "Where are we going?"

Westboro Member (WM): "We're going to a picket here at the Jew church."

R: "What did you say?"

WM: "The Jew church."

R: "That sounds a little anti-semitic when you say 'the jew church'."

WM: "These people hate God and worship the rectum."

R: "The rectum?"

WM: "Yeah, the rectum."

R: "That sounds insane when you say that!"

WM: "They worship that which they desire. That which makes them feel good."

If you miss this show, you're regret it for the rest of your fucking life.

Update: Okay, I've watched the rest of it, and no, it doesn't ever quite reach the greatness of that scene again, but it's still worth watching to the end.

The main thing I'm left with after watching this is for the love of fuck and all that's holy, there has to be a dance mix somewhere with that "They worship the rectum." quote as a sample. If there isn't, there really should be.


Nora said...

Sigh. I miss you!

Luke Baggins said...

I miss myself these days. Hopefully I'll dig myself out of this massive work hole I'm buried in.

And I just found out that a really great band called The Tossers is from south Chicago. Have you ever seen them play?

If you get a chance, you should check them out:

Traditional Irish acoustic, with a punk-rock sound. If you're plugged in to rhapsody, I would check out their early album Communication and Conviction.

They have a bunch of streaming audio on the myspace page.

Ron said...

Ya, good grief. What kind of morons did that guy get a hold of. I have known some Baptists in my time and none of them are that nucking futs. "They worship the rectum?" LMAO! Sounds like they may be jealous.