Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wanting the rest of the story

There is so much that is right with this story, a High School English teacher has sex with four of her 18+ year old students at the same time. Normally a story like this would be cause for celebration, except that ass backwards law in Texas says that this is a felony and she faces up to 20 years for it. The TV news anchor asks the crucial question, "why is this considered a crime?"

But there are many other questions I would like to hear answers to: Why are any of the "victims", that would be the 18+ year old students who gang-fucked a consenting 27 year old, cooperating with the prosecution? Are they being threatened by the school with expulsion? Or by the prosecutor with criminal charges? If so, who is abusing power here? In one of the stories, the potential for abuse of power is cited as the reason why we need this law. One of the comments on the Gawker article points out that prosecutors sometimes bring cases with very little merit for the potential publicity. I sure hope this prosecutor doesn't benefit from this insanity.

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