Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A New Hope

Now that so many international readers have come to rely on this blog for factual, fair and balanced commentary on cultural trends and geo-political issues, I feel my neglect may have far reaching consequences. A responsible blogger would try to correct this, but sadly, that blogger isn't me. I have a bunch of other shit on my plate. I will however throw you all this one bone with a few fragments of meat on it.

Sarah Silverman is the new hope we've all been waiting for in these dark times. If you're a cultured gentleman like myself, you have watched Youtube avidly for new clips of her ever since her ode to Matt Damon. Some of you are not as intellectual as I am, so you might not have noticed that youtube clips of her come and go rather quickly. Her poop song is sadly no longer with us. But it has already inspired a generation of young girls with guitars. We have this duet. And this girl has covered it as a solo act. When I was her age, girls had stupid role models and when they picked up a guitar to sing something, it was some kumbayah bullshit that teachers thought would promote the welfare of baby seals or something. I really envy the generation that grew up under the loving umbrella of Al Gore's internets. If you missed Sarah's original performance of that song, you missed something very special and you will have to wait until they get that show onto Netflix.

There was a bit of discussion over at SWC about whether the world was in better or worse shape than 20 years ago. If this doesn't settle that question for you, I don't know what will.

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