Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why this blog?

I started Tards Anonymous as a place for Skippystalin fans to meet and share stories of things like where they were when they first read the Long Dong of the Law or which was their favorite ode to one of his many muses. That went well. It got lots of responses, mostly from imaginary readers, and then Skippy himself threw us some links. The problem is that my own views don't always coincide with Skippy's and I wanted that site to be for all Skippy fans, real and imaginary, Satanist and Pastafarian. So I needed another separate place for my own responses to the news that I get from Skippy (that's all of my news in case you were wondering).

1 comment:

skippystalin said...

But....your views should always coincide with mine. Not yours specifically, I mean everybody's!

Also, you should send me your women.

That is all.